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TIDAL For Bugatti Interview

You are invited to dive deeper into the philosophy of TIDAL for BUGATTI , what tipped the scales for this exclusive partnership, and what drives the never-resting creative mindset of TIDAL Audio CEO and owner Jörn Janczak.  The announcement of TIDAL for BUGATTI has certainly caused quite a stir in the high-end audio industry. Would you have expected something like this? Not that it created such a reverence, even to my partners who have known us for a long time. Maybe because at the end of the day we are talking about Bugatti - for many,  the  embodiments of superlatives in several aspects. And out of the blue, it must have been surprising, also to understand where this is going to, what is TIDAL, and what is BUGATTI in it. Can you explain the original idea and what triggered the TIDAL for BUGATTI? It all started from an idea and drawing I made of a speaker concept I had in mind in early 2012, something very specific which I wanted to skip incremental product development with in every w

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