Esoteric Style

Esoteric Audio writes: "Breathtakingly dynamic. Fastidious sound details. And, the truest form of music never seen before. When our brand's perspective that challenges the boundaries of sound quality, and resonates with your passion for muisc reproduction, a pleasure of experiencing "sound you've never heard before" will swirl through your body. The unshakable tradition and pride as a prestigious audio manufacturer born in Japan.

Innovation ahead of its time, elegance worthy of the pinnacle. Welcome to the ESOTERIC world."

The Artistry. Credentials of the high-end audio

Audio equipment exists for the purpose of reproducing the art called music. Just as a masterpiece of a musical instrument brings out the full range of the performer's artistry, high-end audio equipment should have supreme level of artistic expression that matches the sensitivity of the owner Not only electrical performance and ease of use, but also how accurately and deeply the true meaning of the art being reproduced can be captured and conveyed with them.

ESOTERIC's reputation and prestige is based on its outstanding acoustic engineering, huge investment of material without regard to cost, "museum quality" craftsmanship, and design that is suitable for reproducing music. All of these factors are cultivated to maximize the artistic expression of music. The perfect fusion of all these factors is the ideal form of audio equipment that ESOTERIC is aiming for.

Innovation Pioneer. Commitment to Creation

As a high-end audio brand originating from Japan, ESOTERIC has been at the forefront of innovation by ceaselessly challenging the limits of high-quality sound reproduction. What makes ESOTERIC truly unique is the brand's relentless focus on developing its own proprietary technologies. ESOTERIC's stubborn policy – Creating from the scratch everything that does not exist. – in order to create unique and valuable components that satisfy the passion of music lovers has always produced top-quality sound, nurtured the brand's supreme spirit and tradition, while guaranteeing the status of its owners.

Every ESOTERIC component is an one-of-a-kind masterpiece, and it is no exaggeration to say that it embodies the history of audio innovation itself.

A unique high-quality disc playback technology "VRDS", a discrete DAC design that produces overwhelming reality, network/streaming technology that fuses digital convenience with analog sound, and the "Master Sound Works" amplifiers filled with plenty of massive materials, these unique technologies created by the ESOTERIC's outstanding craftsmanship have proven its role as a pioneer in high-end audio and have earned it audio awards around the world.

Master of Digital Universe. To the pinnacle of digital audio

A rich stereo image, a three-dimensional sense of depth and the aerial sense of the concert hall. "Master Sound Works" is ESOTERIC's amplifier design philosophy to reproduce all of the musical information captured in the original masters using the most advanced technology available today.

These are the sounds that can be obtained when the potential of digital players is maximized by ESOTERIC's Super Audio CD players, network players and high-precision master clocks.

In the digital playback feed, ESOTERIC has succeeded in raising the quality of music reproduction to the point where you completely forget that it is digital anymore.

Master of Amplification. Drive your soul and amplify your impressions.

The expression of the sound, the beauty of the symphony, the passion of the artist, the atmosphere of the hall, and the enthusiasm of the audience. Master Sound Works" is ESOTERIC's amplifier design philosophy to reproduce all of the musical information captured in the original masters using the most advanced technology available today.

As the final component is simpler and purer, it's getting harder to design and the superior technology is essential to achieve it. However, The design of ESOTERIC amplifiers and all analog stages is based

on the most orthodox approach accumulated through years of experience, including the use of extremely massive power supplies and a large amount of material, in order to produce the same sound as the original master, which is simple and pure, but with a rich low-midrange texture. It is designed to produce the same sound as the original master with a simple, pure, yet rich low-midrange texture.

Not driving speaker units but the listeners' soul, not amplifing the current but impression – ESOTERIC amplifiers bring the music to the listener than ever before.

Our Value .The Value of ESOTERIC

A truly priceless luxury is one that deepens the sensibility of ownership, creates an exceptional elegance and style for the owner, and expresses status.

Owning an ESOTERIC component, for example, is like living a dream where you can enjoy the wonderful, life-like sound that can only be experienced in the box seats of a world-famous concert hall, whenever you want, as much as you want.

Let's ask ESOTERIC owners to tell us the story of their compopnents.

It must be a story of dedication to the dream of audio and a moving encounter with a sound unlike anything they have ever heard before.

Then, let the people you love most listen to ESOTERIC components. Just by looking at their faces, you will understand the universal value of ESOTERIC, which can be shared by all music lovers.

State of the Art Elegance. Elegance of excellence

Originally, works of art, such as art and music, were intended as a means of cultivating the advanced knowledge and skills acquired by people and passing them on to the future.

The technologies and know-how that ESOTERIC has acquired since its founding to produce excellent sound quality, along with musical works, also have artistic value that should be passed on to future generations.

Living with ESOTERIC components promises to bring you into deeper contact with music and encounter new sounds that you could not reach before. The strong bond with music brought about by ESOTERIC will provide the owner with a lifetime of pride of ownership and elegance of excellence (photos & text curtesy of Esoteric). ❖